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Ian Sandercoe is currently recording the title track for a short film being made over the next month in which he will also be starring.


Josh and the Willoughby Bros Sydney Studio have filmed a pilot for a documentary about the live Australian music scene featuring Ian Sandercoe and titled 'Use to be Live'.


The ABC Newcastle Music Awards were held on Thursday the 6th November 2008 at the Newcastle Civic Theatre.Category winners included:

A Disappointing Fireworks Display - awarded Best Young Talent
Bob Corbett - The Prettiest Face - awarded Hunter Broadcaster's Choice
Bob Corbett - awarded 1233 Tour Support Prize
Bob Corbett - Just leave me - awarded Blues & Roots
Bob Corbett - The Lambton Lights - awarded Folk
Bob Corbett - The Prettiest Face - awarded Pop (tied with Sarah Humphreys - Waiting to Burn)
Bob Corbett - awarded ABC Music Publishing and APRA Songwriters and Composers Recognition Award
Dorian Mode - The Good German - awarded Soundtracks
Here Come the Birds - Sharp White Teeth - awarded Rock
Jason Lowe - awarded Best Male Vocal
Jason Lowe - awarded ABC Music Artist of the Year
Kelly Hope - Timeless you - awarded Country
Level 8 - Sold and Discarded - awarded Heavy Rock
Lucy Hearn - awarded Best Female Vocals
Lyn Bowtell - On Your Side - awarded Contemporary
Nick Everett and Liesl Karlsson - awarded Best Achievement in Sound Production
Parris MacLeod - Light at the end of the Tunnel - awarded Instrumental
Sarah Humphreys - Waiting to Burn - awarded Pop (tied with Bob Corbett - The Prettiest Face)
Sarah Humphreys - Waiting to Burn - awarded Central Coast Broadcasters Choice
Terence Koo - Mind Games - awarded Jazz
The Dukes of Erlington - Underestimated - awarded Alternative
Top Button Recordings - Where I Lay my Head - awarded Hip Hop
Veil - It Comes in Waves - awarded Electronica

Hosts on the night included: Libbi Gorr and Aaron Kearney.

Presenters on the night included: Daniel Ballantyne and Christina Sykiotis (Contemporary and Blues & Roots), Scott Levi and Yianni Johns (Central Coast Broadcaster’s Choice), Andy Henley and Tony Rasmussen (Folk and Jazz), Jenny Bates and Mark Wells (Instrumental and Best Male Vocalist), Carol Duncan and Ian Sandercoe (Rock and Heavy Rock), Kat Holloway and Craig Hamilton (Electronica and Best Young Talent), Catherine Britt and Garth Russell (Pop, Country and Hunter Broadcaster’s Choice), Trent Grenell and Stephanie Setz (Alternative and Hip Hop), Paul Bevan and Jo Upham (Soundtracks and Best Female Vocalist), Phil Ashley Brown (Best Achievement in Sound Production), Eloise Nolan (ABC Music Publishing and APRA Songwriter and Composers Recognition Award), Robert Patterson and Peta Chew (ABC Music Artist of the Year) and Phil Ashley Brown and Paula Jones (1233 Tour Support Prize).

Performers on the night included Catherine Britt, Jason Lowe, The Humm, The Seabellies, Top Button Recordings, Rocwater and Gail Page, University of Newcastle Chamber Choir and Urban Freeflow.


Ian Sandercoe will be a finalist judge at the 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards ... stay in touch to see the Hunters Best Music talent EXPOSED...


In July 2008 Sam Mehan and Ian Sandercoe filmed the video clip Change In Mood on Crowdy Beach Crowdy Head NSW Australia.. The film was edited by Sam Mehan and Ian Sandercoe in two days and mastered within a week. The music film clip can be viewed here...


Dance-V Australian Contemporary Dance & Vocal Workshops are held across Australia in the school holidays. Darren Disney (Choreographer / Brent Street Studios Sydney / Tap Dogs) covers the Dance component and Ian Sandercoe covers Vocal training. DanceV Workshops will be held at Tuggerah Primary School Auditorium from January 15- 19 2008. Get more information about DanceV at: Dance-V Workshop.


Touring the NSW and Victorian ski fields, Australia. Ian recorded new material for Australian feature film Meatpie. Edited new videos for release on Rage Music Television in Australia and websites. New material for video's includes footage oringinally reorded in 1999 in a Dungog Milk Factory in NSW Australia, footage never seen before starring Glenn Hone, Tim Carroll and Jessica Nosworthy along with 3D Dance Studio's Darren Disney.


Touring throughout 2006 saw Ian Sandercoe travelling the East Coast of Australia. Playing in some of the finer establishments for music fans created a unique experience for all. Touring is a period where original material is performed, new songs are inspired and it became a great opportunity to connect with long distance fans. As the environmental discussion and destitution of third world countries come to the front of mainstream press, the album Earthday after eight years finally finds it's place.

Early 2007 was spent writing new material for both a new album and a stage show to present the material. The new album is upbeat, energy driven and inspired by feedback from the public. Taking a step into the positive world, where people can communicate. With the internet now in many homes and businesses, a vision for the future encompasses positive, life changing and a fresh approach to society.

New projects in 2007 see inclusion in feature films, commercial music production projects, stage show development and new and original compositions for Ian Sandercoe's coming album.


2006 TOUR... It's been a turbulent four months. With wind in the sails Ian Sandercoe and the crew hit the road north to Sydney NSW Australia.  Travelling north to the Manning River area, Ian did several shows from the forest to the beaches. He was invited as feature artist to a gala evening, attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of The Nationals Mark Vaile MP.

Heading south back to Cessnock NSW to the inaugural Cessnock Dance-V Summer School. Darren Disney and Melissa Van Zeist choreographed the dancers with Ian Sandercoe taking charge of the vocalists.

The team journeyed north again to The Manning area to set up for Dance-V in Taree NSW. The Cd Earthday was released on July 15, 2006 to an enthusiastic audience. As the word gets around the support at the live shows has developed. The beginning of August 2006, Ian headed to the pristine snowfields of Mount Buller Victoria Australia for shows.

EARTHDAY ALBUM... Ian began writing songs for the Earthday album over ten years ago.
Media has described his music style as Post-Modern Folk-Rock. This music writing is foresight to today in 2006. The lyrics of the songs are more relevant to the audience. Earthday covers topics from social imbalance, racial disharmony and the search for truth and balance globally. Subsequently with digital technology and the sharing of information people are now fully able to look outside the square and contribute towards their local community, state, national and international communities.

The album, is a unique collection of contemporary Australian rock songs. It will take you on a journey, with fifteen songs ranging in style from intense rock ballads to thought provoking. It will leave you feeling refreshed with hope. Songs were written by Ian Sandercoe and includes co-writes with amongst others Robert Pardė.

Robert Pardė is a well-known Australian songwriter from Melbourne. His most successful tracks include Wasn’t It Good which featured on Tina Arena’s album Don’t Ask, selling over a million copies. Robert won the prestigious APRA Song of the Year title for the track. Robert has written songs for many Australian artists, including Shine for Vanessa Amorossi. Shine has been Vanessa’s highest selling single and won the APRA Most Performed award for Robert in 2000. Robert is one of Australia’s most sought after pop writers and continues to write and collaborate with many of Australia’s top artists.

RESCUE ME...In 2005 the video clip for Rescue Me from the Earthday album was filmed in Ballarat. Produced, directed and filmed by Ian, the clip features Melissa Van Zeist, Robert Parde and Kim Ditchfield. The Rescue Me video clip was released on July 15, 2006 during a regional event in Australia.  Ian performed for invited guests and an enthusiastic audience following the Dance-V Australian Contemporary Dance & Vocal Showcase. Devised by Ian and Darren Disney. The Dance-V Workshop supports young performers all over Australia, with a passion for dancing, singing and entertaining.